12 Safety Guidelines When Operating Lift Tables

12 Safety Guidelines when Operating Lift Tables

A lift table is a machine that uses a scissors mechanism to raise or lower items and/or people. Lift tables are commonly used to elevate big, hefty loads over short distances. Pallet handling, vehicle loading, and work positioning are examples of popular usages.

When it comes to working with lift tables, safety is always the top priority.

Here are some essential safety guidelines to keep in mind when operating a lift table:


1. Inspect The Equipment

Before using the lift table, it is important to inspect the equipment. Make sure that all safety devices are functioning properly and that there are no loose parts. If you notice any damage, do not use the lift table and contact a qualified technician for repairs.


2. Inspect The Worksite

Inspect the worksite to ensure that it is level and free of debris. Make sure that there is enough clearance for the lift table to operate safely.


3. Read The Manual

Operating a lift table without first reading the manual is dangerous. The manual contains important information about the lift table, such as its weight capacity and how to properly use the controls.


4. Use The Proper Controls

There are two sets of controls on a lift table: the up/down control and the stop button. The up/down control is used to raise and lower the table, while the stop button is used to stop the table in case of an emergency.


5. Don’t Overload The Table

Lift tables have a weight capacity that must not be exceeded. Overloading the table can cause it to tip over, which can lead to serious injury.


6. Keep Your Hands and Feet Clear

When the lift table is in use, make sure to keep your hands and feet clear of the moving parts. Otherwise, you could get caught in the mechanism and seriously injured.


7. Never Leave The Table Unattended

If you need to leave the area while the lift table is in use, be sure to turn it off first. Otherwise, someone else could come along and operate the table without knowing how to do so safely, which could lead to an accident.


8. Use The Table For Its Intended Purpose

Lift tables are not meant for general purpose use. They should only be used for lifting and lowering materials. If you try to use it for something else, such as a makeshift stool, you could damage the table or hurt yourself in the process.


9. Keep The Table Clean

Lift tables need to be kept clean so that they can operate properly. If there is debris or other objects on the table, it could interfere with the mechanism and cause the table to malfunction. Make sure to keep the area around the lift table clear so that nothing can get in the way of its operation.


10. Practise Distancing

It is important to practise social distancing when using a lift table. This means keeping a safe distance from the table and avoiding crowded areas. If you are lifting heavy objects, make sure to ask for help so that you don’t strain yourself.

When the lift table is in use, make sure no one stays near the work area who isn’t involved in the operation. Before it is utilised to prevent any fatalities and/or injuries, they must stand 1 meter away from the handling equipment.


11. Keep Both Feet Planted On Work Platform

When working on a lift table, always keep both feet planted firmly on the work platform. This will help to prevent you from losing your balance and falling off the table. If you need to reach something that is out of reach, Use a long pole or another tool to help you.

It’s absolutely prohibited to sit, climb, or tilt on the platform. It’s also forbidden to utilise alternative equipment or tool to make it taller.


12. Get It Maintained Regularly

Last but not least, to make sure your lift table remains in excellent working condition, always have it serviced and maintained regularly by a licensed professional. This will help to prevent any accidents from happening and keep the equipment running smoothly.

By following these simple safety tips, you can ensure that everyone in your workplace remains safe when using a lift table in Singapore.


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