How Does One Use A Pallet Truck?

Pallet trucks are one of the most commonly used equipment in warehouses and factories. They are used to lift and move heavy loads, often on pallets.

Pallet trucks come in different types and sizes, but they all have a similar basic design – a pair of forks or tines that slide under the pallet and lift it up.

Today, we will discuss the different types of pallet trucks, how to properly use them, and some safety precautions to keep in mind.


Types of Pallet Trucks

Manual Pallet Trucks

Manual pallet trucks are powered by human force – the operator pumps a lever or handle to lift and move the load. They are simple and easy to operate, making them popular for smaller warehouses or businesses with a limited budget.

However, manual pallet trucks have a lower weight capacity and require more physical effort from the operator.


Electric Pallet Trucks

Electric pallet trucks are powered by batteries or electricity, making them ideal for larger warehouses or businesses with heavier loads. They are more expensive than manual pallet trucks but require less physical effort to operate.

Some electric pallet trucks also come with additional features such as adjustable forks or power-assisted steering.


Using a Pallet Truck

1) Pre-Operation Check

Before using a pallet truck, it is important to perform a pre-operation check. This includes checking for any visible damage, ensuring the load is within the weight capacity of the pallet truck, and inspecting the wheels and forks for any defects.


2) Positioning the Pallet Truck

Position the pallet truck in front of the load with enough clearance for the forks to slide under. Make sure the wheels are straight and parallel to the pallet.


3) Lifting the Load

Using the lever or handle, pump up the pallet truck until the forks are just below the bottom of the pallet. Make sure both forks are evenly positioned under the pallet to prevent it from tipping over.


4) Moving the Load

Once the load is lifted, you can use the handle to steer and manoeuvre the pallet truck to its desired location. Take slow and steady movements, and always make sure to keep an eye out for any obstacles or potential hazards.


Safety Precautions

  • Wear appropriate safety gear such as steel-toed boots and gloves when operating a pallet truck.
  • Do not exceed the weight capacity of the pallet truck to prevent accidents or damage to the equipment.
  • Always keep your hands and feet clear from under the load, and never ride on a pallet truck.
  • Be aware of your surroundings and watch out for any potential hazards or obstacles while operating a pallet truck.



Pallet trucks are essential equipment for warehouses and factories, allowing for efficient movement of heavy loads.

By understanding the different types of pallet trucks and following proper operating procedures and safety precautions, you can ensure a safe and productive work environment.


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