How Effective is a Stacker for Material Handling?

Handling material can be a complex and time-consuming task. It requires careful monitoring of the material being handled to ensure that it is done safely and efficiently.

One way to make this process easier is by using a stacker, a piece of equipment that allows you to stack items on top of one another in an efficient manner.


What is a Stacker?

A stacker is a machine designed to move items from one level of the warehouse to another. The stacker is equipped with a special platform or arm that can be used to lift and transfer materials quickly and efficiently.

It also helps reduce manual labour by allowing one person to perform multiple tasks at once.


Types of Stacker

There are a few different types of stackers, all designed to suit the specific needs of your business.


1) Manual stackers

Instead of using an electronic control system, these stackers contain a hydraulic system that allows them to move and lift pallets. They have two wheels on the front of the stacker and one on the back that allows the machine to spin and turn. It also has a lever on the front.


2) Electric stackers

Also known as a powered stacker, this type is also powered by batteries, along with an electric motor. Electric pallet stackers are the easiest to operate due to their entirely electronic controls.


3) Semi-Electric stackers

This type combines manual and electric functions, creating a hybrid. It is ideal for short-distance pallet transportation and stacking. As partially battery-powered pallet stackers, they rely on batteries that typically last for a workday.


How Does a Stacker Help with Material Handling?

Material handling is one of the most important functions in any warehouse.

A stacker can help improve warehouse efficiency by reducing the amount of time spent on transporting goods from one area to another.

In addition, the stacker allows for easier and more efficient storage of material, as it can be placed into bins or racks and lifted up or down with ease. This decreases the amount of time spent on manually filing items away or finding them in storage.


Benefits of Using a Stacker

  • Reduces manual labour – The stacker can reduce the amount of manual labour required to move material from one level to another, reducing fatigue and increasing efficiency.
  • Improves safety – Stacking items securely helps to reduce the risk of injury or accidents. It also ensures that goods are safely placed and stored away from potential damage or hazards.
  • Increases storage capacity – With a stacker, you can increase your storage capacity by stacking materials on top of each other and in racks. This allows for more efficient storage and transportation of goods.
  • Reduces overall costs – The stacker reduces the amount of time and resources needed to transport material, making it more cost-effective in the long run.



A stacker is an invaluable tool for improving material handling and storage in a warehouse. It reduces manual labour, improves safety, and increases storage capacity, all while saving time and money.

If you are considering investing in one of these machines, make sure to consult an expert first. They can help you find the right stacker for your warehouse and give you advice on how best to use it.


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