How Much Weight Can A Loading Ramp Hold?

How Much Weight Can A Loading Ramp Hold?

If you are planning on loading a heavy piece of equipment onto a truck or trailer, you would need to know how much weight your loading ramp can hold.

What Is The Average Weight for Loading Ramp?

The average loading ramp can hold is 1,000 to 1,500 pounds. With that out of the way you might imagine that ramps with higher weight capacities will be more expensive and that’s true. Most of the loading ramps in the market can hold up to 1,500 pounds but you should definitely look for larger capacity if you are dealing with heavier loads.

Depending on the model, it’s load capacity can even be up to 23,000 pounds.

When shopping around for the right loading ramp, make sure to consider the size of your load, the type of material it’s made from, the weight capacity of the ramp and how much extra room is needed to mount or deploy it.

Distribute The Weight

It is common practise to distribute the weight of your load to avoid badly damaging the ramp, but how do you actually do that? Here’s what you’ll need to do:

1. Place more support on the center of your load. This will ensure that it doesn’t shift from side to side when being moved.

2. Secure your cargo with straps or chains so that it doesn’t move too much when it is being loaded or unloaded.

3. Make sure the weight of your load is evenly distributed to minimize damage to the ramp itself.

4. When loading a trailer, make sure that the tongue weight does not exceed the rated capacity for your loading ramp. That can be dangerous and cause major damage in the long run.

5. Maintain the ramp by cleaning it regularly, checking for rust or corrosion, and lubricating any moving parts.

6. Inspect your loading ramp before each use to make sure it is in good condition and won’t cause harm or damage during operation.

This here is a general idea for you to know but you get the idea. The fact of the matter is to always maintained your loading ramp and make sure it is in good condition. Not only will this help you stay safe but also give a longer lifespan to your equipment.

Check The Weight Limit Before Use

You should always check the weight limit of the loading ramp before you or your team use it to load and unload heavy goods. This is important because if overloaded, it can cause the structure of your ramp to break and injure someone severely in the process.

Also, never forget to check the loading ramp’s manual before you use it since it contains safety instructions that you should follow to ensure its safe operation.

Here is a list of safety tips for when using your loading ramp:

1. Always make sure that your loading ramp is properly set up and securely attached to your trailer.

2. Make sure that the loading ramp is placed on a flat and even surface.

3. Load and unload slowly, being careful not to exceed the weight capacity of the ramp.

4. Avoid sudden changes in speed or direction when driving over the ramp.

5. Do not use the loading ramp unless it is completely dry.

6. If you need to use the ramp in wet weather, make sure to put down a non-slip material


Depending on how you look at it, it might look too much that you should care about these things but frankly, it is all for your safety. So, it’s better to take precautions than to take chances and end up in an accident.

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