How to extend the lifespan of your pallet truck

how to extend the lifespan of your pallet truck

You must be asking: is there anything you can do to make sure your pallet truck doesn’t break down?

Today, we will share you some tips on the things you should look for when using your pallet truck so that you can repair it yourself. As a result, you extend the life of your pallet truck and save on your financial resources.

Preventive maintenance of your pallet truck is also critical for a safe working environment. You may prevent unpleasant surprises and extend the lifespan of the pallet truck by conducting a daily inspection of it. Constant inspections can save you time and money while prolonging the life of your pallet truck.


1. Top up the oil of your pallet truck regularly

You should check your pallet truck’s oil level every six months, and it should be replenished or changed as needed. Pallet trucks are most effective when equipped with hydraulic oil. If other oil is used, the pallet truck may be difficult to pump up because this oil will most likely be too thick.

Step-by-step guide to top up oil in your pallet truck:

  • Fold the pallet truck over on its side, and set the forks in their lowest position
  • Put the top of the hydraulic cylinder’s drain plug in place
  • Remove the screw plug
  • Begin by adding the hydraulic oil until it reaches the bottom of the filler opening
  • Install the screw plug and turn the device upright


2. Lubricate your pallet truck

All bearings and axles should be greased with long-life grease by the manufacturer.

On a monthly basis, you should lubricate the pallet truck’s wheels, axles, and grease fittings with long-life grease.


3. Clean your wheels

A clean work environment makes working more pleasurable. The wheels on a pallet truck depend greatly on the surface on which they run. Dirt, wires, or any other form of foreign debris can get caught between the wheels, causing them to wear much faster. This may be readily prevented by cleaning the wheels and removing this dirt before utilising the pallet truck.

As well, pay special attention to curbs and steps. Taking a short cut may look appealing, but your wheels might disagree. Take a longer road instead of taking a shortcut to avoid your wheels from cracking in this manner.


4. Adjust the chain into the right position before use

Check on a regular basis to see if your pallet truck’s chain is still in the correct position. You can usually tell this when the lowering valve does not lower the forks. This may be quickly remedied by re-attaching the chain to the lever.


5. Adjust the lowering valve when needed

If your pallet truck no longer pumps or lowers efficiently, it is most likely due to the lowering valve.

In this case, you must adjust the lowering valve so that you may pump or lower the forks. If pumping has no effect, slightly loosen the lowering valve screw.


6. Don’t over stress your pallet truck

Overloading the pallet truck is not a good idea. Remember to keep track of maximum lifting capacity ratings.

Do not drive a pallet truck on a hill: the vehicle may reverse and inflict damage.

Set the operating lever to DRIVE to operate the pallet truck. As a result, the drawbar moves more freely, lowering the pressure in the hydraulic pump section. This protects the hydraulic seals and valve components. This ensures that your equipment will last longer.


Get regularly servicing done from your provider

You can easily extend the life of your pallet truck with a couple of quick inspection and servicing.

A reliable servicing provider will know what to look out for.

Getting your pallet truck serviced regularly can help you save a great deal of financial resources in the long-run.


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