How to Operate an Electric Pallet Truck

How to Operate an Electric Pallet Truck

Forklifts are an important piece of equipment for moving pallets from one location to another in a warehouse or loading dock, but it’s not always possible to instruct everyone on how to drive a forklift. You may not have enough workspace to use a forklift, or the money for fuel and maintenance. Meanwhile, all those loaded pallets still need to be relocated. What can you do to keep your business moving forward?

The perfect alternative for you – getting an electric pallet jack.

Electric pallet jacks are simple to use, portable, and versatile. They don’t require the training or financial investment that forklifts do; instead of expensive fuel, they utilise a rechargeable battery, which can be used in tighter areas than forklifts. Workers can learn how to operate an electric pallet jack quickly and safely in a matter of hours. All you have to do is explain the basic controls, go through safe procedures with them, give them a practice run, and you’re good to go.


Before Operating An Electric Pallet Jack

There are a few safety measures you should take before allowing anyone to operate an electric pallet jack. Here are some tips:

  • Inspect the equipment – Before using any type of machinery, it’s important to inspect it for any damage or potential hazards. This is especially true for electric pallet jacks, as they are powered by
  • Check for loose parts – Be sure to check the cords and plugs for any damage, and make sure that there are no loose parts that could come off and injure someone.
  • Understand it’s safe lifting capacity – Each machine has a different lifting capacity, so be sure to know the limits of the electric pallet jack you’re using.Be aware of your surroundings – Be sure to keep an eye out for any obstacles that could get in the way or impede your progress.
  • Wear proper attire – Be sure to wear closed-toe shoes and comfortable clothing. Electric pallet jacks can be incredibly useful tools, but it’s important to use them safely.
  • Review any manuals given – If you’re not familiar with how to operate an electric pallet jack, be sure to ask for a manual or review any given materials. Start slowly – Get a feel for the machine before picking up speed.
  • Familiarise it’s safety features – The jack may also have a reversing switch that allows you to move the jack away from you if you are trapped against an immovable object, as well as an auto-braking mechanism that activates when the operating handle is in the full upright or horizontal position and prevents the jack from rolling out of control if you lose your grip on it.


Operating an Electric Pallet Truck

Take note that these directions are meant as a broad guide for using an electric pallet truck in Singapore. Always consult your particular model of pallet jack’s instruction booklet for complete information on how to use it.


Here are some general guidelines:

  1. Start by disconnecting the jack from the battery charger and removing or stowing the charging cord
  2. Take hold of the jack’s handle
  3. Make sure the forks are in their lowest position
  4. Twist the controller to move the jack ahead. To move the jack in reverse, twist the controller in the opposite direction
  5. Steer the jack using the controller to the pallet you wish to relocate
  6. Place the jack’s fork under the desired pallet
  7. Raise the pallet using your jack’s control. The up arrow is usually printed on this button
  8. Using the controller, steer the jack to the desired position. Left and right arrows are usually used to indicate these controls. The jack’s motor will push the pallet ahead; all you have to do is guide it
  9. When you’re ready to put the pallet down, use your jack’s control for lowering the pallet to the ground. This control is usually marked with a down arrow
  10. To remove the pallet, reverse the jack, and slide the fork out of the pallet
  11. When you have completed your task, plug the electric pallet jack back into the charger


Best Practices For Using Electric Pallet Trucks

  • Avoid having any passengers
  • Avoid stacking your loads too high
  • Keep your load as close to the floor
  • Avoid sudden movement when operating
  • Always come to a complete stop before changing directions
  • Keep your speed levels low
  • Avoid turning when traveling on inclines or ramps
  • Regularly maintain your electric pallet jacks as recommended by your manufacturer


All in all, electric pallet jacks are a vital part of many businesses’ inventory management and order fulfilment processes. By following the best practices for using them, you can help ensure that your electric pallet jacks provide years of safe and reliable service.

If you have any questions about electric pallet jacks or would like to learn more about our other material handling equipment, please contact us today. We’ll be happy to answer your questions and help you find the best solution for your needs.


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