How To Use a Pallet Truck Safely & Efficiently

How To Use a Pallet Truck Safely & Efficiently

The Pallet Truck is one of the most frequent pieces of equipment found in warehouses and industrial settings in Singapore. If the operator hasn’t had any training, they may be a source of many injuries and accidents at work.

Pallet trucks are simple to operate and only require minimal instruction. Accidents can still occur as a result of other mitigating conditions – employee complacency is an important one.

Follow these easy guidelines to ensure that pallet trucks are used safely in the workplace:


Inspect Your Pallet Truck

Before using the pallet truck, check it for any significant damage and make sure the hydraulic systems used to raise and lower the forks are in good working order. It’s a good idea to have a second pair of eyes look over the vehicle to ensure there has not been any omissions.

Once you have finished inspecting your pallet truck, make sure that you adjust all of the settings on the machine according to your needs.


Take Note of The Load Limit

Pallet trucks are not meant to be overloaded for a reason. There is a maximum capacity, ranging from around 2500kg up to and beyond that, that shouldn’t be ignored. If you overload a pallet truck, it could overbalance and fall over, causing damage to surrounding equipment or even injuring another employee.

To be safe, always check the load limit before you attempt to lift a heavy load and make sure that you have your pallet truck set up properly.

If you are unsure how to use a pallet truck safely or need help setting it up correctly, ask your supervisor for assistance.


Avoid Ramps

Pallet truck drivers generally avoid moving heavy weights up or down inclines to ensure that the vehicle (and load) are safely balanced at all times. If you detect a ramp in your workplace that cannot be avoided, keep the cargo ahead of the operator when traveling uphill to maintain the load balanced.

If you find yourself traveling downhill, keep the cargo behind you and make sure to slow down a bit to maintain control of your pallet truck.

Safety is always an important consideration when it comes to using a pallet truck.


Utilise The Brakes

Some pallet trucks come with brakes to help you stop safely. Others, on the other hand, must be stopped manually. If this is the case, make sure you have plenty of stopping space before coming to a complete stop and avoid placing your truck in areas where pedestrians might be crossing the street.


Pull, not Push

It’s a common misconception that pallet trucks must be pushed.

In fact, whenever possible, it is usually better to haul things across a flat surface to enhance the operator’s maneuverability.

Pushing from behind the goods might be exhausting – and the driver can’t look past the load for potential issues such as items on the ground or hurdles that the forks could catch on.


Store It Safely

After the weight has been removed from the pallet truck, make sure the forks are lowered and that they aren’t pointing outward at a slope, posing a danger.

Always store your truck in a safe location — if this isn’t an option, make sure the pallet truck is as close to a wall as feasible and that the forks should not be facing out into any hallways or walkways.

Now that you know how to operate a pallet truck safely, see our selection of pallet trucks in Singapore, sack trucks and other heavy lifting equipment to select a product that meets your needs.


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