Signs That Show Your Ladder Is Breaking Down

Signs That Show Your Ladder Is Breaking Down - springwell marketing

When does an extension ladder need to be replaced or repaired?

The short answer is when it is no longer safe to use.

It should be removed from service and fixed before returning to work.

So, how can you tell when an extension ladder is no longer a good idea? Let’s look at some warning signals for extension ladders.


1. Wobbly Ladder – Loose screws

If your ladder is wobbly, it is not safe to be used. The wobbling could result in the ladder tipping over or you falling off of it. You can repair a wobbly ladder by making sure that all of the ladder’s locks are working properly and tightening any loose screws on the side rails.


2. Rungs Are Hard To Move Up and Down – Loose Rungs

If your ladder’s rungs are hard to move, it could be because the locking mechanism is not working correctly. You should replace your ladder’s locks before continuing to use it.

A loose rung indicates that your extension ladder needs to be repaired. So instead of using the ladder again, pull it off the job and have it fixed before you use it again.


3. One Side Of The Ladder Is Lower Than The Other

If one side of your extension ladder is lower than the other, without testing it you can be sure that the side that is not touching the ground is weak or damaged in some way. When this happens, pull the ladder off of the job immediately and bring it to a professional as well.


4. Damaged / Cracked Feet

The feet at the base of your extension ladder are what keep it stable when you go up it. If they are damaged or cracked, do not use them. Call a professional to get your ladder fixed before you continue to use it.

The feet are a typical location for an extension ladder to break. If the feet are cracked or exhibit excessive wear, you might be able to replace or repair them before using the ladder again.


Can an Extension Ladder Be Repaired?

Occasionally, your extension ladder might require repair and can be fixed for a lower price than a new one. A damaged ladder may sometimes be restored to its original condition, however this isn’t always the case – as extension ladder like many equipment have their own lifespan.

If you inspect your extension ladder before each usage and discover any problems, you may be able to repair it. However, if there is too much damage or it is too serious, it may be time to purchase a new one.

Whether you fix an old extension ladder or buy a new one, it’s critical to ensure that you use the ladder safely. Always examine your ladders before using them and keep an eye out for warning signs that indicate your extension ladder needs to be replaced.

If you are still unsure if your platform ladder needs fixing, contact us request for an equipment repair solution from Springwell Marketing.


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