Step Stools or Ladders? Selecting The Right Tool For The Job

Step Stools or Ladders? Selecting The Right Tool For The Job

What is a step stool?

A step stool is a folding stool with one or two steps that are concealed underneath the seat. It can also be referred to a simple, one-step or two-step wooden, plastic, steel, or aluminium construction that helps you reach higher.

A step stool is a foldable, self-supporting portable ladder that may be stored compactly. When extra height is required to access or execute tasks overhead safely, but not a full-sized ladder, step stools are useful and efficient.

This tool usually will allow you to get closer to heights, but it won’t let you go much beyond your natural reach.


What is a step ladder?

A step ladder is a “A”-shaped ladder with the capacity to ascend three to six steps. Step ladders are useful tools for working at heights because they allow you to reach areas out of your reach naturally. Most step ladders are constructed of fiberglass or aluminum.

It is different from a platform ladder – where the difference is that there is an actual platform found on the platform ladder.


Key Differences & Which Is Right For You?

Stools with a step function are similar to standard stools in that they are intended to sit on top of and have a length of less than 32 inches. A step ladder, on the other hand, is more like a two-sided ladder with extra treads than a regular step stool.

The key difference is that a step ladder is more stable because of its two-sided design, and it typically has a higher weight capacity than a standard stool. This makes it better suited for heavier projects or use in high-traffic areas. But if you only need to reach items that are lower than your waist, a standard stool will do the trick.


(1) Functionality

A step stool is the right option if you just need a little more height to reach the top shelf of cabinets. A step ladder is required for those working at a height of 12 feet or higher.

Stools with step bars are mostly used to allow those who aren’t able to reach normal heights to get the height they need without putting themselves at risk. They are smaller and lighter, so they’re easier to store under a counter or in a corner out of the way.

A step ladder is more useful for tasks like tree trimming, light bulb changing, painting, gutter replacement, Christmas lighting installation, and so on.

Both are common tools used even in industrial and warehouse settings.


(2) Versatility

Note that with several designs and configurations these days, there are step ladders that can be configured to suit various needs.

Some adjustable ladders, for example, have a strengthened auto-locking hinge that allows the user to transform it into a workbench.

On the other hand, there are step stools that are catered for more heavy duty requirements with greater reach as well.

Thus it is important to check with your supplier if they can recommend a model or a solution that can meet all of your requirements.


(3) Size

The size of either tool is one of the easiest ways to distinguish them. Naturally, the size of a step ladder is bigger than that of a step stool, making them more useful in an outdoor setting. Due to step ladders being bigger, they often weigh more than a step stool too. This leads nicely onto the next difference between the two.


(4) Portability

The mobility of a step ladder or stool is determined by its size and weight. A step stool is going to be more portable than a step ladder since it is smaller and lighter in weight. If you need to move things frequently, a step stool may be a better choice for you because it meets your reach and weight requirements.


(5) Weight Capacity

Step stools, because of their structure, usually will not be able to support more than 100kg of weight. They may not be utilised to transport heavy weights due to their design. Because these are often only available in three duty ratings, they’re better suited for light indoor usage. Stepladders, on the other hand, are capable of carrying a tremendous amount of weight and it is usually more stable.



It is often difficult to choose between a step stool and a step ladder. It all depends on what you want to use them for.

Getting a step stool in Singapore is a handy tool for reaching things that are high up or hard to get to. If you need a little lift around the house to reach some difficult heights, a step stool is the way to go. A step ladder, on the other hand, is your best option if you need assistance with tasks that require you to work at height.

When determining what is best for you, think about the nature of work that you will be engaging in and the condition in which you will be working in. It is also helpful to think about the weight that you will be carrying and the reach you would need.

Once all of these factors have been taken into account, you will definitely have a clearer idea of which product is best suited for your needs.


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