What Is A Pallet Truck’s Maximum Handling Limit?

What Is A Pallet Truck’s Maximum Handling Limit

To determine the safe handling limit of a pallet truck, there are these few variables to be considered:

  • The type of pallet truck used (manual, electric, heavy duty)
  • The environment that in which it is being used
  • The distance in which the weight is being carried
  • The duration in which the weight is being carried


Manual Pallet Trucks

When it comes to manual pallet trucks, its safe handling limit would be lower as compared to electric or heavy duty models. This is due to the fact that manual pallet trucks require more manpower to operate and is generally used for shorter distances.

A manual pallet truck may be a great solution for your business if you’re searching for a cost-effective equipment option for your warehouse. This machinery is one of the finest alternatives for indoor warehouses and has lift capacities that can meet your basic material handling demands.

Because of their small sizes, they may pass through narrow aisles, and the weight capacity varies depending on the type and brand of pallet truck.


Electric Pallet Trucks

Electric pallet trucks are powered by an electric motor and may be found in warehouses throughout the world. The strength of the motor regulates both the pallet truck’s lifting capacity and mobility.

However, an electric pallet truck, in comparison to a manual pallet truck, is considerably more practical for transporting big products over longer distances throughout a plant.


Specialty Pallet Truck

If your business requires a pallet truck that can’t be handled by a regular electric or manual pallet truck, consider purchasing a specialty pallet truck.

A specialty pallet truck goes above and beyond the capabilities of a regular pallet truck. This equipment is used for jobs that need specific design specifications.

Some examples would be: single fork trucks – to move items such as ATMs, vending machines, or adjustable fork trucks – if the pallet or product you’re moving needs wider or narrower forks, or roll trucks – If your firm deals with carpets, cables, and wires of unique materials.


Other Types

There are also other types of pallet trucks such as: High-Lift pallet Trucks, Weigh-Scale Pallet Trucks.


The Average Limit of Pallet Trucks – Summary

Handling limits of manual pallet trucks are generally between 1500kg to 2000kg.

Our OPK Manual Hand Pallet Truck has a capacity of from 1500kg to 5000kg; depending on the model.

Our EZLift Weighing Scale Pallet Truck has a capacity of 2000kg.

Our EZLift Electric Pallet Truck has a capacity of 1500kg.

It is worth noting that different brands or types of pallet truck might have somewhat varied weight restrictions, which will usually be stated when purchased. One would normally go by the maximum handling capacity given in this instance.

Make careful that you’re aware of each pallet truck’s handling limitation so you can use the machines safely.


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