Key Differences Between A Step Ladder And Platform Ladder?

What Is The Difference Between A Step And Platform Ladder?

It is a pretty much a given fact that anyone who wants to change a light bulb would always wonder what ladder should they buy, a step or platform ladder. If so, you my friend are not alone.

Many people are unsure of the differences between these two types of ladders, and as a result, they often use the terms interchangeably. However, there are some key distinctions that you should be aware of.



Step ladders are usually more portable given their smaller size. This makes it generally lighter and you can have it put anywhere in your home as opposed to platform ladders. With step ladders, you can place it in a corner or store it away after use. This makes it easier for a person to decide where to put their ladders at home.

Platform ladders on the other hand are larger which makes portability more difficult. Generally speaking, these type of ladders are mainly used in warehouses.



Platform ladders are usually more stable since they have a wider base which typically makes it much more difficult for you to fall off and in some cases, suffer injuries because of it. There are also handrails and other safety features that come with platform ladders which can help you maintain your balance while climbing up and down the ladder.

On the other hand, step ladders don’t have these safety features and are not as stable since they are more narrow. But given the fact that it’s smaller in size, you won’t typically fall off in any kind of dangerous manner. However, it’s best to still be extra cautious when using a step ladder so that you don’t put yourself in any potentially risky situations.



With platform ladders, chances are you can usually do tasks that require both hands, such as painting the wall, cleaning the windows, or even reaching high shelves or cupboards. The thing with platform ladders is they have essentially more versatility as compared to step ladders. Platform ladders also have the benefit of completing tasks that require the user to move up and down, as they allow for an easier transition between levels.

Step ladders on the other hand would not have that luxury. But given, it is smaller in size, it is completely logical. The thing is, the size of step ladders makes them ideal for tasks that do not require one to move up and down but only a single level, such as changing a lightbulb or simply reaching something on the shelves.



Step ladders are usually less expensive than their counterpart given their smaller size. The justification for it comes from the fact that step ladders are designed for one person to use at a time and require less material than platform ladders. Step ladders are also typically ideal for people with a limited budget.

Platform ladders on the other hand are a different ballgame where most of the time, are usually more expensive than step ladders.



So, with all that said which would you rather pick? Would you get the larger platform ladder or the step ladder, it is best to say it depends on your individual needs.

Step ladders can be suitable for most projects that require little height, while platform ladders offer a larger working space and are suitable for more industrial type of work.


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